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NAHJ is programing a series of webinars, e-training and tutorials exclusively designed to benefit NAHJ members nationwide. These programs include the Google News Initiative Digital tools training for Spanish speaking newsrooms, deep-dive webinars on digital security, tips on how to work from home, a tool kit on surviving a layoff, mental health care tips for professionals and student journalists, specialized e-training for students, among others that continue to be added on a monthly basis.

Webinars are open to NAHJ members only (unless specified). Join NAHJ today so you don’t miss any of these opportunities and share the word with your colleagues. Have a financial/COVID19 hardship or been laid off? Email us at [email protected] to ask for a free membership. 

NAHJ/Google News Initiative Entrenamiento Digital

Free and open to all.

Este curso de aproximadamente dos horas de duración capacita a todo periodista con el manejo de herramientas digitales creadas para la verificación de información y el manejo digital. A través de un enfoque práctico, los entrenadores comenzarán con una introducción a las tendencias en desinformación y noticias falsas. Luego, enseñarán cómo usar cada una de las herramientas y guiarán a los periodistas con diferentes ejercicios que les permitirán dominar las herramientas

Presentadoras: Romina Ruiz and Mc Nelly Torres

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How to fight racism and not get fired from your 
mainstream media job

This panel is hosted by the Los Angeles NAHJ Chapter.

The Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists is hosting a Zoom panel discussion on avoiding conflicts of interest at a time of national crisis. Americans are risking their lives to take to the streets and protest police brutality, institutional discrimination and centuries of anti-Black racism in the U.S. As this historic moment unfolds, many journalists are once again asking themselves what they can and cannot do when it comes to participating in political discourse. This panel will feature seasoned journalists discussing their efforts to honor their personal beliefs and uphold their newsroom's ethics codes.

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 9, at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET.



Covering Unrest: When Journalists of Color Become the Target

This panel is hosted by the University of Southern California’s Center for Health Journalism in partnership NAHJ and the Maynard Institute.

Journalists have been arrested, shot with rubber bullets, and sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray as protests have engulfed the nation in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police. The arrest of CNN Correspondent Omar Jimenez during a live shot in Minneapolis was only the most visible example in a series of perilous police encounters for journalistsAnd the hazards facing reporters in the field go well beyond physical safety. During a time when COVID-19 has already left the reporting ranks battling exhaustion and vicarious trauma, covering these protests and police clashes can exact a steep toll on journalists’ mental health. That’s especially true for black journalists and other journalists of color, who are covering systemic racism against their own communities and who face unique risks as members of the media and because of their race. In this webinar, we’ll take a deeper look at those physical and mental health risks, identify coping strategies, and offer practical tips and suggestions on staying safe while covering two overlapping crises — nationwide protests and COVID-19.

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 10, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PT / 1:30-2:30 p.m. ET



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